Swimming is offered as a curricular subject which is vital for the overall physical and mental Development of your child but will also have an effect on the monthly fee. Our aftercare students can also take this as an extra mural. We are a registered AQUATOTS® Franchise accredited swimming centre and specialise in swimming from ages 6 months, to stroke correction and adult classes – visit


The children follow a fairly structured learning routine and daily program. This is not to say that if a child is having a “bad or topsy turvey day” he won’t cope. Structure and routine creates a warm safe environment. Routine structure for children with boundaries sets up easy paths for learning. From this the children learn what is expected from them and what is expected from the teachers. Every week is a different learning theme. The children are allowed to explore each aspect of the learning theme at their own level of development. The teachers use aids such as puppets, music, props and posters, learning bags and toys.

Farm environment

Through equine therapy, riding Rumples once a week, children grow in self-esteem, gross motor skills and learn to interact with all our animals on the premises.


We offer full day, ½ day, ¾ day and a 3 day option available between 06h30 – 18h00


Our OWN transport is available to collect and fetch your children.


  • Swimming school on premises – visit
  • Creative Maths
  • Crazy Clay – pottery for kids
  • Ballet
  • Playball
  • Soccer Stars
  • Music program

FEES 2019

  • Fees as per attached fee structure
  • Swimming classes are included in the above fees up to grade R
  • Aftercare is included in the monthly fee up to grade R
  • Balanced lunches, breakfast and two fruit snacks are included. Morning and afternoon
  • Holiday care is included in the monthly fee except in December(school is closed 16 DEC – 10 JAN)
  • Cooked meals are included
  • Open during school holidays EXCEPT DECEMBER
  • Access is security controlled
Registration upon Enrollment R1600.00
Re-registration fee R300.00
Sibling discount for school fees Less 8%
Annual discount on school fee payments Less 9%
Half Day Full Day
1 – 2 years Half day (06h30 – 13h30) R2500.00 1 – 2 years Full day (06h30 – 18h00) R3200.00
2 – 3 years Half day (06h30 – 13h30) R2500.00 2 – 3 years Full day (06h30 – 18h00) R3200.00
3 – 4 years Half day (06h30 – 13h30) R3000.00 3 – 4 years Full day (06h30 – 18h00) R3400.00
4 – 5 years Half day (06h30 – 13h30) R3200.00 4 – 5 years Full day (06h30 – 18h00) R3600.00
Grade 1 Half day (07h30 – 13h30) R2800.00 Remedial Care Full day (06h30 – 18h00) R4000.00
Aftercare Half day (13h30 – 18h00) R1750.00